I rarely put anything Louboutin on here. Not because I hate Louboutin. But everyone wearing the same Louboutin heels gets kind of...played. But I JUST did a post on that crazy amazing striped Armadillo Bride heel (that I SO SO SO SO want) and I felt I had to do something on this CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN 20TH ANNIVERSARY "ARTEMIS PARIS" EMBELLISHED-SHOULDER BAG. It is amazing and everything I love. First, it's simple. Not huge. Second, I love that shoulder pad with the crystallized scene of PARIS! See the detail below. Oh I love this bag so much. And I wish I could have it (along with that little Mini Lin Speedy by Louis Vuitton!). The Louboutin bag is....around $4000(US)!♡

terrible photo and outfit...from net-a-porter! but you can see how the bag works here.

more wednesday bag ♥ giant double hearts

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