I thought I'd do a post on some of my new favorites because I am LOVING them. Some of the other favorites I've already posted about. But there are two specific new items that you have to hear about, even if you've heard about them before. 

Some of the already-mentioned products I am loving right now are:
Becca Creme Blush in Amaryllis (which you can read about here and purchase/learn more here) and Skin 79 BB Cream in the orange container (which you can read about here) and the Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark-Circle (Tinted) Eye Roller (a roll-on concealer with benefits...which I have been using for a year and still love it so much....it does not crease on me and I have dry skin...and it decreases some of the puffiness under my eyes which I love! You can read about it here.)

Now for the two new products I've been LOVING LOVING this month. First on the list is the other Skin 79 BB Cream. 

It's actually called Skin 79 VIP GOLD BB Cream. I had done some more research because I fell in love with the Skin 79 BB Cream in the orange container which I wrote about here. But I thought it was a teensy big dry. The one in the pink VIP Gold BB cream is for drier skin. It definitely has a little bit less coverage than the orange (Triple Function) BB Cream. So I will still use the orange one if I need more coverage. But when my skin is doing well, I will definitely be using the VIP Gold. I wore it to a BBQ the other day and even when I got back home, my skin looked pretty flawless with no dry spots. 

Now with these BB Creams, I don't know how dark your skin can be to wear them. My skin looks like a ghost when I first apply it. It seems to change or oxidize and match my skin really well after a while. I think if I was a little darker than my light-ish olive tone, I might not be able to wear it. Though, I do think for the price (less than $20!), it's worth trying because the product is amazing. And the packaging is just an added bonus. Also, be care of fakes. I purchased mine from this seller

The other product is a surprise. On a quick buy, I decided to get one of the Revlon Lip Butters in the color Tutti Frutti. And I love it. I was in love with the orange color or coral or whatever. And that even though it's sheer like a balm, there was actual color on my lips. I usually hate these kinds of things because they end up looking like nothing but clear gloss on my lips. But this one has color. It's very expensive in texture. And color. So I love it. I just don't like the packaging. They could do better.

That's it for now. I'll be doing a post soon on the essentials to being a little rocker girl like the girls in my novel which comes out SOON! YIKES! Have a lovely day!♡

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