I think my most favorite model when I was a teen was Carolyn Murphy. I loved everything about her and that she was married to a surfer. I don't know if she's my flavor now, but back then...I just loved her so so much and wished I looked like her. She sort of stopped modeling after she took over the Estee Lauder campaign from Paulina Porizkova. Italian Vogue recently did a piece on her and I found an older story featuring her that's really gorgeous. I think I have the credit. But if not, then I'll add it as soon as I find it. I know it's Italian Vogue and I think Meisel shot it. But I'll double check. (YES...it was for Italian Vogue in 2002 and was shot by Meisel. Of course.)♡

i think this is actually the last shot in the story...like she escaped the love triangle or she as a lady gangster ran off with the goods in the middle of the night. dunno. but i love it.

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