Looks like I left for a big BBQ at the beach thinking the Saturday post was up....little did I know it was never saved correctly and didn't make it up there. :( So sorry. So here it is and I'm going to post up the Sunday Matinee post right after this goes up. :)

Here's another amazing little post that they did over at Pet Fan Club which is the blog for Material Girl magazine (which I just got in the mail! woohoo! the one with the nun girls!)...I like this fashion story because it's a strange take on 40s and 50s fashion and a little white trash (which seems to be something the fashion people outside of the US especially can't get enough of for some reason). I especially love the accessories.♡

photography, styling lara verheijden
make-up erika nuijten / colourfull agency
model wendy pols / ullamodels

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