SUN'S EYE OILS are a new discovery of mine...by accident. But I'm interested and thought I should share. Here's the story...I wanted to get some pure lavender oil to sort of scent some of my precious vintage, primarily my 1920s furs and 1960s minks and some of my favorite Glam Rock pieces as well as my hippy maxi dresses that look like Dawn doll heaven (that's to come!). I would have bought a huge bouquet of lavender or something like it except it's hard to find right by the beach. I figured the second-best option was pure oil. I have tried cedar and it doesn't really keep those moths away like I want them away. I stumbled into what looked like a candle shop, but saw a case of little bottles. These Pure Oils come in so many scents...a lot of them my favorites like pure vanilla and coconut. I seized one of the last to lavender bottles. It was only like $12 for a small glass bottle. Very reasonable for pure oils. I wanted to research them, though, to make sure Sun's Eye was truly pure oil and not synthetic. Upon going to the website, I did see a true dedication to pure oils along with some other fantastically interesting "potions". See below! 

Herbal Essentials come in fantastic scents like ALMOND MUSK, COCO ROSE, LOTUS AND TULIP and VANILLA ORANGE.....

Pure Oils come in ALLSPICE, BAYBERRY, GRAPEFRUIT and everything NICE! Too many to list here! 

Then we get to some of the more interesting oils they carry/sell....! I'm not some die hard woowoo person...but I've always been interested in lots of different things, including these kinds of mystical potions. First on the list of surprises was Sun Eye's MYSTIC BLENDS...with names like GARDEN OF DELIGHT, CLEAR MIND, GUARDIAN ANGEL AND VISION QUEST! 

Then they also have GODDESS OILS and ZODIAC OILS, which might or might not speak for themselves. But what got me were the SPECIALTY OILS! DOVE'S HEART (to calm the soul...), DRAGON'S BLOOD OIL (empowerment, spiritual cleansing...etc), TRIPLE GODDESS OIL (balancing female energy) and WICAN ALTAR OIL! Enough said! 

Listen, my theory is if you believe it, then it is. If you don't, then it won't. Maybe you're not into these oils for their mystical powers. Maybe you just like the scents. Maybe you know someone into these oils that might like them as a gift. I personally think a small company making these must seriously believe. My lavender oil smells strong and real. And I love the variety of what they carry. WAY TOO MANY TO LIST HERE. They also sell gorgeous little perfume bottles for your oils for around $24.♡

tiny bottle for your sun's eye oils

more saturday shopping ♥ marimekko comme des garcons yo

images from sunseyestore.com


Anonymous said...

I was searching for particular posts about this company, as I have used several of their oils for a while. I assumed, from their description, that they were made from all plant matter, BUT when I saw that they had peach, mango, and strawberry, I emailed the company asking how they made these, as there is not essential oil for these types of fruits. The email that I got back this morning confirmed what I suspected: They DO enhance their oils with chemical scents. "Pure" and "Essence" are just part of their trademarked name, not what they actually ARE. The Sun's Eye rep even stated that if I wanted something "all-natural" I would have to go with someone else. Well, at least she was honest. Now, I'm a purist, but if you don't care about some chemical scents being added, at least rest in the knowledge that the chemicals are "body safe." Just my two bits. Nice blog! :)

montronix said...

i had to reread my post and yeah...i think i did write that they were "pure"...but i think i suspected they weren't totally pure. especially because of the price and they don't smell totally natural. but i liked the little bottles and i like their "woowoo" oils. i only own one. but i really appreciate your comment so everyone will know the details. and thanks...i'm glad you like the blog. :)