YEP....Now, in addition to PRE-FALL collections, we have PRE-SPRING...which is another way of saying RESORT. I would go nuts if I was a designer for one of these houses...by the time you finish one collection, you're behind because you should have been starting/focusing on the next collection. It's really nuts. I don't get it at all. But it's ok...I enjoy seeing the smaller collections.

Here is the YSL PRE-SPRING (RESORT) 2012 COLLECTION....and it's pretty cute. Though, it's all looking very very young....similar to the way Valentino looks now...very girl. But there are a lot of pieces that I am sure will be the hot-new-want as soon as they hit the stores.♡

i don't know about everything underneath, but i would kill for that nautical jacket! def a piece everyone will be raving about and copying.
very very reminiscent of ysl past...from the sleeves to the model wearing it. her name is marihenny passible!

just adorable from head to bag to toe.
shoes shoes shoes
a bit strange...but it looks cute on lindsay wixson. i love the necklace.
very cute for spring. i don't see anything really "new" here. but it's still lovely.

chic. but you can't wear this if you're petit. the pants would swallow you.

more thursday shoe ♥ white patent

images from vogue.it

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