I dunno about the new MARC JACOBS PRE-SPRING (RESORT) 2012 COLLECTION...I can't gage what the real fall collection is going to look like from this showing. I wasn't too into the prints from this collection, but there are a few other pieces that I liked. I also don't understand why the model Julia Nobis looks so upset in all of these photos. I'm pretty sure she's the same model in The Model Agency post I had on here a while ago. (I just checked, and yes, indeed, it is her...so watch the post again if you want to see her.) Anyway, check it out...♡

i like it...looks more like marc and not mj...but i like it.
cute and simple. sometimes i think the designers are making a statement with these preview collections...sort of like telling the press to f-off...because i'm sure the real marc jacobs fall collection is going to blow this preview out of the ballpark.
so so so pretty...from head to clear toe...i have a little dress like this...with lurex pinstripes and it's gorgeous. i love the shoes, too. love it all.
pretty cute from head to toe. the flower-ettes look a little like last year's pre-fall flowers. but it's still a cute look with the metallic ballerina slippers. though, i don't wear lilac or purple.
loving this. would love to own this. again...like i always say....these clothes look insanely better in person...just go into a marc jacobs boutique and look at all of them hanging there...you'll see what i mean.
so marc jacobs. i love the shoes and the sweatshirt and the skirt...but of course not all together. i already wear little short-sleeved striped sweatshirts. so i love it. and one of my favorite sweatshirts is from the very first marc diffusion line.
so so so so pretty. just gorgeous. esp the color and the shoes.

more thursday show ♥ alberta ferretti

images from vogue.it

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