THANK goodness Phoebe Philo lightened up a bit. I do love everything she touches. And I do love Céline and what she's done with the house. But the famous Phoebe buzz has been a little weak the past couple of seasons and I think one of the main reasons was that her collections might have been, dare I say it, a bit too sophisticated. This Celine Pre-Spring 2012 collection still feels very Céline....but it's very very young and fun, a nod to her Chloé days in a way. Especially with the model and her unkempt rocker hair.♡

i love it and i am sure those shoes will sell out.
this is so strange. i mean, i love it. but it looks like she got squooshed in the middle? but so fun compared to the other celine collections, non?
a bit witchy woman with the belt. but i think that's why i like it and why it makes it phoebe...
really LOVE this outfit. minus the gloves, you could wear this out in a second. you could also copy it with your own pieces. ;)
cool girls like to dress up outfit.
this is totally my style anyone who knows me will say the same thing. i don't believe i have to show everything to feel and look sexy. and i am a bit of a tomboy like phoebe. love this outfit. and the whtie shoes. see how well white shoes look with everything?
if this doesn't look gorgeous and french then i don't know what does. love that bisque color with the black. LOVE! it's the belt and the gloves that take it somewhere else, though. probably the shoes, too. almost a bit nina ricci, right?
cute. there's that hot celine cabas you can read about here.
another witchy woman outfit that i LOVE.  
i love this so much.
witchy woman outfit numero 3. but i love it anyway.
this was pretty funny. i mean, this is the humor i was missing in the past celine collections philo worked on. THIS is fun fashion. have fun.

more saturday show ♥ prada prada prada

images from vogue italia

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