I will post part 2 of the Becca cosmetics review (part 1 is here)...but I had to do a post with one of my favorite YouTube make up gurus, Ruth Crilly of A Model Recommends (her YouTube and blog name) because this new video she just did recently is a) GORGEOUS, b) useful and c) again so gorgeous it could easily be a photo story in a magazine. Just see for yourself. She is killing it here! And yet she is so cool and real that you cannot hate her for being so damn pretty. You gotta love her. :) PS Don't forget to notice her EEK! nails...the same ones I wrote about from the Giles Deacon show last year.♡

more makeup monday ♥ ann ward vogue italia

images are screenshots of the vid. please credit nancy girl nancyfashionfancy.blogspot.com when you use them.

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