I'm not the hugest fan or everything fashion Chloe Sevigny does...BUT I will say I do like some of her designs. And, more importantly, I've stood next to her at countless parties, bars and events when I lived in NYC...and she never ever looked bad. In fact, she actually always looked amazing or her clothes were always amazing. Here's the CHLOE SEVIGNY FOR OPENING CEREMONY (whom I've known for a long time and love) PRE-SPRING COLLECTION 2012. See what you think.♡

cute and gruddy...very new york
cute and cute model
i love anything that look like dickies...i have a shorts romper that's big and loose like this and i love it.

??? i can't even see her wearing this.
very frenchie

i've actually seen her wearing little dresses like this before....probably from chloe proper.
she's smiling...big!

more saturday show ♥ tsumori chisato yo

images from vogue.it

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