I think artistic director (weird title...shouldn't he be the Creative Director of the house?) for Rochas, Marco Zanini, has such clear vision for what he's doing. Season after season, he's been able to really continue telling the Rochas story...in his own way. And that's not easy to do (please see the Pucci collection...I am a HUGE MASSIVE Pucci fan...but I can't say I see Pucci when I look at the collections the past couple of years....as it looks more like a play on Cavalli than Pucci. Oh well...but I've made my point).It's still so chic. It's so fun. It's very Japanese almost. And the styling is amazing. For the Rochas Pre-Spring 2012 collection, they've styled the model (Julia Shvets) so so well. Actually, she is styled almost exactly the way a stylist I know does herself up. She even looks like her. I can't remember her name because it's been so long (but I will get the name as soon as I get my magazines out of storage), but she styled Yoko Ono for our shoot and my interview when I was with Oyster. She had the same braided wreath around her head and was very Greek goddess in her simplicity. And very chic. I'll find out. She was adorable. But back to Rochas. I can't get enough of Marco Zanini. I love the way he and also Sergio Zambon see young women and spring dresses. :) And I can't wait to have my next gig where I can where their clothes all the time!♡

love! though i'd wear heels with it. or little flats. but i like the look for editorial.
chic chic chic. would love to be wearing this entire look for work! including the hair!
love. i'm loving all black again so so much.
separately i'm sure all of these are amazing. it's kind of funny for a look. but it makes for good editorial. 

love his version of le smoking.
gorgeous print. very japanese looking. the look,  i mean.
gorgeous color!!

more girl friday ♥ devon aoki meow kitty

images from vogue.it

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