Truth be told, I liked Acne for a second here and a second there. Mainly 10 years ago when I had friends in Oslo and I could ask them to pick something up for me when they made their way back to the States. I do check them out here and there, though. I think it might be that the name has lost its....cool....or something. Though I think this lookbook for the Acne Resort 2013 collection was way over-styled from hair to face to shoes, I do like some of the pieces/styles. I love the money prints. And I like how everything looks very Buffalo Gal. ♡

love the print and the suit. hate the shoes.

look at that 80s buffalo gal face!

i love the print on the jacket and the top. but everything else is wrong.

i love that outfit. but not the shoes or the hair.

this print is amazing. but what the hell is going on with the stylists over at acne?

this is probably the best photo in the lookbook because it looks the most natural. like you spotted her on the street in tokyo or london or something.

more girl friday ♥ buffalo gal style (part 1)

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