Style.com's iPhone app sucks lately. There must have been a glitch because they weren't showing any new resort collections or very few...and than BAM....there were ALL the resort collections. One of the collections I am madly in love with is (of course) by Mr. Marc Jacobs, the genius himself. And even though you can see nods to that designer or that era here and there, and also even though I am really into blacks and grays and such, I do love a lot of the pieces and would love to own a few of them. So here are my favorite things from the Marc Jacobs Resort 2013 collection.♡

i don't know if i could ever wear anything like this/these. but there's something i really love about them. maybe it's the middle eastern vibe i get from them. or the japanese vibe. but i love it.

i think it's the entire photo with the hair and the shoes and the angle of the model that i love so much about this. it's very 70s to me.

little comme des garçons? but still amazing.

same as above...i love the models plus the 20s thing plus maybe a japanese or middle eastern thing going on. i love it.

if i was a tall tall tall super skinny leggy fashion girl...i'd wear these outfits in a heartbeat. :) i esp love the tops.

this would never work on me. but if i was a cute tall japanese girl, this would look amazing. :)

i don't know how anyone else could wear this and look like this? you have to have tall super skinny legs...all the way up! but as a person who was a fashion editor for 10 years and an art director, i do love this look and the model in it. esp the hair.

i think these are probably one of my favorite outfits. so 60s. so chic. so japanese. if you showed up at a job (creative) in one of these outfits, you would look like a style queen. notice the hair and the simple makeup. i also love the loafers, though i couldn't do those probably. but i love these so so much.

these are my other favorite outfits. i esp love the long polo collared dress. i have been wearing my black lacoste polo dress almost every other day i love it so much. and this would just be a great party version. i love both and i'm not even a yellow fan.

my third favorite outfit/look is the red dress and black mary jane shoe things here. i love this so much. if you look up close (i'll blow it up for you to see), you can see how much gorgeous detail is in this dress. plus, i love the bow at the top and the shoes. and the hair and makeup, too.

i wouldn't wear this. but i love it as editorial.

i love the color of this fabric and the photo from the lookbook. love it.

more tuesday tailor ♥ versace for h&m

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