I have never actually met Brooklyn-based designer Samantha Pleet. But we've been friendly ever since we used her dresses in a shoot with the kids from Gus Van Sant's Paranoid Park. I loved all the amazing little dresses that were shipped to us in Portland from New York. I kind of fell out of touch with some people when I stopped writing for magazines...but I kept an eye on Samantha's collections. And I do love them all, still. There's something very very New York in her clothes. I know the girls who wear her clothes, if you want to put it that way. Recently I got reconnected to Samantha, so I'll be covering her on a regular basis from now on. Below is her current Spring 2012 collection...and if you know New York in the spring and summer, then you can see how these would sell out in a heartbeat. Just looking at these dresses and rompers (she does great little rompers) makes me miss a hot humid day in New York and all the ice cream trucks on every street so so much. :( But for her, that's a good thing. :) You can see more on samanthapleet.com. (I'm also going to finally squeeze in some interviews with her and some other lovely girls I know in New York.)♡

is that the cutest tiniest trench you've ever seen?

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