I recently got a deal on a big tub of the body soufflé by Rodial in the fragrance called "lounge". This body cream is rich in texture and vibe...it feels like fancy girl lotion. :) Rodial is a British-made beauty line and I love the entire range. The package calls this moisturizer a "luscious whipped body crème that provides intensive hydration without feeling heavy or greasy. The reviving and uplifting scent will leave skin delicately fragrant and silky smooth." True and true. It does an excellent job moisturizing my very dry skin (probably a little from genes and a little from all those days in my life where I sunbathed on the beach!) without feeling greasy. And the scent, though you do smell it very well, has a very rich (again with the rich!) but subtle-ish fragrance that's a bit vanilla-y. What I'm trying to say is the scent is subtle but you definitely smell that subtle fragrance. It's not too overwhelming or anything. This fat pot would look so lovely on a new vanity or a bathroom shelf that I frequently daydream about (preferably in a Paris apartment...patience, Mandana, patience). The price is a bit sticky. But if you're needing a treat or a gift for someone who really has everything and really high taste, then consider it. Perhaps you can find a deal on EBay or Amazon? My only complaint is that the package and the top should be solid or glass or something. I think it's just heavy plastic.

OH WAIT! It looks like the price has gone down quite a lot! I see it on the site for under £15! Otherwise it's around $40 at Nordy's for 6.7 ounces (200 ml). ♡

other lovely bits from the Rodial range. i esp love the candles.

the back of the body souffle box in case you were curious.

more sat shopping ♥ blush review part 2

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