So here's the only image I can find anywhere from the Yves Saint Laurent Summer 2012 makeup collection.  And WOW. How hot is that? How hot is that styling? How hot is that MAKEUP? How hot is that attitude the model is emoting? This is like every fashion girl's dream to be THIS glamorous! Looks like the people behind YSL cosmetics marketing are going head-to-head with Tom Ford's makeup line...it's the same kind of vibe. That SUPER rich glamorous...over-the-top glamorous vibe. And...I LOVE IT. I can't wait to see the other images. And find out who art directed it. And styled it. And did the makeup. Look at her blue eyelashes! And ring. And bikini (methinks). So hot. AND ISN'T THAT ANAIS POULIOT?

That's a very very 80s/90s blue eyeliner. The eyeliner I mention over and over in my novel that's coming out soon (scary and exciting!)...is pretty much that color...that flash royal blue color. This entire vibe is very late 80s/early 90s in this YSL advert. And Tom Ford's is more 70s/early 80s. If they're sellin' with that gorgeously styled/made up model, I'm def' buyin'! If you guys end up finding the entire campaign online somewhere, do let me know! xxmt

OK...it is ANAIS POULIOT. Terry Richardson shot it (it's probably my favorite shoot from him) AND the fashion editor/stylist was Joe McKenna. I've worked at agencies where Terry was shooting at least three campaigns at the same time....for different accounts. Now that I look at it, it is very very Terry. Doesn't she look up at him...like a pet?♡

that's hot.

And below is an ad I found that's from the Winter collection before...it's also gorgeous. I never actually saw it. It's the styling and makeup and setting. It's amazing:

I sent a tweet to one of my favorite YouTube gurus to do a tutorial on the YSL Summer 2012 look...and she did! Love it. Though I would have done a darker lip maybe.

more wow ♥ marie antoinette cups

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