This is something I had never heard of before...I just heard it on an Internet radio station I've been listening to years because it's so damn good (I'll be doing a post on them soon...but it's 1.FM under Alternative, even though they're 80s...they're way on the bottom of alternative), and so I thought I'd look it up and see who was actually singing this song. It's Kelly Marie and it's called FEELS LIKE I'M IN LOVE or something like that. It's from 1980, so way way before my time...but I think this period of time when the 70s were melting into the 80s are amazing for style and movements and music and fashion, of course. The late 70s and the very very early 80s are insane. :) This is a video from Top of the Pops, so clearly it was a successful song for her. You want an education on pop star fashion from the 80s? Watch old videos like this...look at her make up! Look at her outfit! Look at those back-up dancers! Their outfits! And how perfect that one dancer's tush is! It's insane! So I had to post this up today, too!

I know I'm weird. This is why I do what I do...I hear a song I've never heard before, and look it up betting myself it's going to deliver the goods. And it did. (More videos with good outfits below! And the dancers make more appearances!)

AND THEN I KEPT FINDING MORE CRAZY 80S FASHION IN OTHER OLD MUSIC VIDEOS...INCLUDING THESE!(MORE DANCERS!) A group called TIGHT FIT I totally do not know. But they sound like an ABBA knock off. It looks like they had some success, too.

AND THEN...yes, more...I found this "group" that I used to hear my older crazy New York club kid friends talk about and say I looked like when they dressed me all up with makeup and everything...BACCARA! I'm so excited I am finally seeing who the hell they were talking about! Cute girls and style. Love them. So now after all these years I know it was a compliment. 

This all started with me hearing a song on that station and looking the singer up. ;) ♡

more sunday matinee ♥ claude montana

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