...or maybe also loving. I wish I could write about the BB cream I've been loving again. That was last week's post. I really love that BB cream. I have ordered the one for dry skin. The VIP Gold version or something. :) 

I'm also sorry that some of these posts are coming in late. I've been getting things done for the book launch. Plus I wrote something for Blood Is The New Black...interviewed Christopher Bettig (he did the cover of my novel). They asked me and I said sure. I'll let you know when that comes out. And there are lots of other things in the works like talk of special editions and T-shirts and a website I'm working on...fun zines and other silly things we're creating for the novel. And there are deadlines. So it's not like I can just waste time. So sometimes I just get off the computer because I need a break. I'm sorry about it. But it's almost all done. :) 

So here are some products I am really loving or liking right now. I reach for them a lot. I also don't really use my fancier stuff every day because where I am right now is pretty suburban. They don't need to be seeing me walking the dogs in Chanel foundation. :) 

First is a L'OREAL NAIL COLOR in GREYCIAN GODDESS. I really wanted a true gray nail polish. But I wasn't desperately looking for one. But I found this by accident really. I was just looking at the new L'Oreal nail polishes because I like a lot of the new colors, and I found it. I really do love it. Sometimes it looks like the perfect gray. But sometimes when I look at it, it looks more like a grayish shade of blue. Which I don't like. So I don't know really. I am hoping that I'm seeing it wrong. But it is a very very chic shade. When it's gray. :)

doesn't it look more blue here?

this is how i want it to look all the time.

Next is WET N WILD COLORICON EYELINER IN OLIVE. I had seen a video with Ruth Crilly of A Model Recommends use a very pricey Sisley eyeliner pencil in "khaki" or something. So I really wanted to try the Wet N Wild eyeliner first to see how the shade looked on my eyes, which are green/hazel. Turns out the Wet N Wild eyeliner in olive is amazing. No wonder I couldn't find it for a while. It was totally sold out. The color is amazing. And very easy to do a quick daytime smoky eye with it. And it's dirt cheap, which is crazy. It's 99 cents! I wonder if the one Sisley makes is as good. :)

that is a gorgeous gorgeous color. that looks expensive. not $2.

The next is something I use with the Skin 79 BB Cream I wrote about last week. It's a VICHY  DERMABLEND Corrective Foundation in the color 15 Opal. I really love this. It's meant to be a serious foundation that covers everything. But I use it as a concealer. It's a bit too fair for my complexion. But it works great as a concealer and stays on all day long. And you only need a teeny bit. It's a French pharmacy brand, but you can find it at some CVS drugstores in the States, too. It's not super cheap. But I heard it was amazing. And I think it will last a long long time. I don't know if I would repurchase. If I can't get a better concealer, then I will repurchase. But I'm going to try Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage. 

The last one is the EOS LIP Balm. I bought one. Finally. In something yummy and fruity. But I can't find the name anywhere on the package. This is supposed to be really good for you and healthy and paraben free and natural. That's nice. It smells great. I love the Mod packaging. But this does not balm my lips. It doesn't really do the job. I don't know if I'll repurchase. We'll see. Maybe it softens up a bit after a while or something. It was only a couple of bucks. No loss. 

I have lots of other really fantastic things to write about in the next few weeks. I have been trying out a lot of Japanese and Korean skincare and makeup. Fun stuff. And nice. ♡

more makeup monday ♥ sunglasses makeup

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