I can't say I am in love with the clothes or those pastel creepers or whatever. I hate to say it, but I wouldn't hate to see someone else take over the house of Chanel. Even though I love Karl Lagerfeld so much. Though, his presentations are beautiful. The Chanel Resort 2013 collection was shown at Versailles and the models were very Marie Antoinette-esque, which you all know I love. I love the makeup and the hair and the little Chanel CC logo beauty mark/patches. That's what made the entire show. Not these dresses and strange maillots. It's the makeup and some of the backdrop. I found the below and above photos on this blog (which is from far away looks like) and the photos are a hundred times more interesting than the ones they post up on Style.com or whatever.♡

looks like a card from a Chanel press kit. i have all of my old Chanel press kits which i'll def do a blog post about one day when i get them out of storage. they're gorgeous.

such a gorgeous photo...i mean, it must have been a really lovely show.

look at lindsey wixson!

more makeup monday ♥ becca review part 1

most images from here

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