I've been collecting...well, that's not right. I've been writing in journals/diaries since I was a teeny thing and could write basically. All the early ones (and some of the current ones) are Hello Kitty, of course. And then some of the others these days are those simple composition books you buy for a buck at the drugstore. But I like 'em. I always think that one day when I'm long gone (and hopefully a successful author), that my grand or great grand kids or someone else interested in my life can line up all the books and read my inner thoughts from beginning to end. One thing I learned recently is that writing your thoughts down, no matter how messy or abbreviated or untidy, can be very therapeutic on a very deep level...and in some cases can help solve issues deeply sleeping way inside your subconscious. All the more reason to start writing...

A while ago when I was staying at the beach, I stumbled into a paper shop that sells books and pens and these kinds of things. I found a gorgeous and very well priced fancy journal that I've been writing in for months. It looks like an old book, hard cover, with metallic peacock feather print (on black background) cover. Very...me. It's by Peter Pauper Press who make a lot of very cool notebooks/journals and planners. But for this post I'm only going to showcase some of the journals I like. Really....I'm big on suggesting people write in journals, especially if you are young and going through a rough time. 

Here are some of the journals they have online that are pretty rad:

the cannabis journal...pretty funny. 

this asian monochrome one is really gorgeous. it's the style that i have...it's big and gorgeous and only $15.00.
here is mine...the peacock feathers. you can't tell but the cover is metallic...the feathers are metallic. less than $20. would make a great gift.

i tried to take a flash shot so you could see the metallic aspect to this cover...not the best shot but better than the one from their website.
this is called persian splendor...i'll probably order this one. it's probably really nice looking in person.
how pretty is this fold-over blue cherry print cover?

or this japanese screen journal?
or if skull and crossbones are your flavor

or maybe you'd like a pulp fiction cover...they have those, too.

You can see more at Peter Pauper Press.♡

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