LOOKIE what I got in the mail by absolute surprise! I don't have a clue how they figured out where I was staying or whatever...the package came straight from France...I was staring at the cover for a while...could this book/catalog/zine/thing be from...the Colette? In Paris? It is! It was! OH HAPPY JOY JOY! It seems to be a special publication catalog thing loaded with products...special products...uber super special...even more special than their already-special Colette ranges...as well as interviews and recipes and fashion and art and funny bits here and there. I feel the gods have spoken and they are giving me a sign of very amazing massive amazing good things to come. :) I don't know where you can get it or if you can get this...but if you can, do get it. It's amazing how they keep everything so tight when it comes to being special and/or cool. I hope I can get my book into their hands and onto their website. THAT would be a dream come true! HAPPY FIFTEEN YEAR BIRTHDAY, COLETTE! WE HEART YOU! (It even has the whole story of the inception of the brand/store/everything in there...I also noticed a story written by someone very lovely that I worked for)...♡

THE COVER...UPSIDE DOWN...along with a lotion I am loving right now from Philosophy (though I tend to have loads of lotions around cuz my skin gets very dry). And an eye cream from Becca.

all the fancy waters from Colette...so so so very Colette!

some fantastic pieces and things made exclusively for the 15 year anniversary methinks. i esp love those silver nikes!

an interview with kevin lyons done by the amazing john jay whom i worked with/under while at wieden and kennedy (he's the global creative director)...he's what we call "the master"...

pretty amazing bits here and there.

new pharmacy inspired bags by olympia le-tan...excuse my chipped nails. i have just redone them now.

oh would love to own this space invader dress! yes please! i need a boyfriend who is into fashion and buying his girl lovely sweet things from colette!
garage doors over the years...love this stuff.

nerdy pocket protectors by carven for colette....this is something you'd really only see at colette!

recipes by the colette team! and in french...quelle fantastique!
the comme des garçons advert on the back for a special colette t-shirt probably? amazing!

more thursday shoe ♥ yellow patent

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