I went through my archives and was shocked that I couldn't find one post on Daryl K. I'm an old school fan of hers, ever since I was a teen dreaming of moving to the Big Apple. After I moved there, I got to do a story or two on her, and I frequently visited and almost stalked her Bond Street boutique. The communication with the brand has always been a hit or miss, though...they do a lookbook, they don't. They answer their phones or they don't. Still, Daryl K was always the designer for the Downtown New York cool girls. Way before everyone else. I read that she decided to close the shop, which saddens me a bit. It's another staple Downtown brand in New York who won't have a shop anymore (the other one I'll do a post about on Saturday Shopping). I also read that right before she closed the boutique, they or she (Daryl K) also withdrew from New York Fashion Week. Which takes balls. And that is something Daryl K has definitely had. She's always done her own thing, whether it be the best idea or the worst move for her label. Here is the Fall 2013 Daryl K collection, which I didn't see online during the shows. It's a good one and I could and would wear almost every piece. It might be a bit late, but I had to do it because (for me) Daryl K will always be one an original badass of New York fashion.♡

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