All of my friends and colleagues know I'm HUGE on art. I'm friends with a ton of successful talented peeps because I was writing about the scene when it boomed around a decade ago. I have a massive collection and it will continue to grow once I figure out where home base will be. I think one of the best gifts to give people is art. You're not only giving something a little more meaningful, you are also supporting artists and art itself. I've gifted too many pieces to count and a lot of them have been painted or designed by artist and friend Christopher Bettig (who is also designing the cover for my novel!). Chris is a prolific artist, so his art really appeals to a lot of people. He just sent out an email for holiday shopping ideas and I thought it would be good to pass them along to you. They are extremely affordable and really fantastic. If you are keen on seeing what he has available/what's he's been doing, check out his tumblr. He also has an etsy shop.♡

OSLO print...only $40...i plan on getting this for someone and if they are reading this, they know who they are! i own a similar one called PARIS (of course).

PRINT 1 $225

holiday card available HERE

flag bunting only $15
ipad 2 cover (leather)...i love this because the print is so persian. $99.00 

more saturday show ♥ scognamiglio ss 2011


Jessi said...

These are all so cute! Lovely collection of photos. That dove holiday card is genius!

Emily said...

Amazing I love the photos!


montronix said...

:) wait til you see what he did for the cover of my novel...it rules!