Here are some shots I meant to feature last month...OH WELL. They're from Spanish brand Bershka's November Lookbook featuring model Claudia Devlin, whom I adore. She is so cute and there's something I love about those fairy girl models who look like they live in the woods. You can read more about Claudia here. If she gets a chance, she might do a guest blog on NANCY GIRL. But she's been really busy growing up and doing work things (yea!). Happy shopping! (OH PS...these were shot by Sergi Jasanada.)♡

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Sergi Jasanada said...

Thnkx for the mention!! Great Blog!! Best regards!!!!

Copenhagenish said...

She certainly is very pixie-esque :)

Copenhagenish said...

She certainly is very pixie-esque :)
Love her long, red hair. You would think it would clash against a red background, but it looks amazing!

/Sanne - www.copenhagenish.me

montronix said...

oh sergi, of course....great shots. and i adore her. she's a doll and her mum is super sweet. she's all legs already!!! :)

thx for the thx! xmt

montronix said...

yes...she is totally pixie-ish...except for her tree limbs! but yes...i agree. totally. :) happy holidays!

Jessi said...

Great post! Claudia Devlin is gorgeous, I loved her in Lisa Eldridge's Biba videos. That picture with the fur parka is my favourite, she looks like she's floating!