I love love love love love love these Christmas windows Karl Lagerfeld designed. Especially the one with all the little animatronic Karls! I used to be a window dresser (visuals and merchandiser) a long time ago (I did it for like three years for Armani) and I loved it...was a great fun creative thing and you get off work early as you go in at the crack of dawn. I never got to do anything as amazing as this. But hopefully one day soon I'll be able to use my Art Director feather and do something as fun and fanciful as this. Oh, and I heart Vanessa Paradis, too.♡

more sunday matinee ♥ morvern callar


Jessi said...

So cute!! Haha yes I love the animatronic Karls as well! Vanessa Paradis looks gorgeous as always! Thank you for sharing :)

montronix said...

i know...aren't they fun and amazing? i think that's part of karl's genius is that he can have fun...he's not so serious all the time. i would love to have one of those karls as a doll or something! thx again! xx