So I'm all excited I landed some more work for this awesome agency. I will disclose more when I know how much I can talk about or I've done more. But I need to travel, and I would like to pick up some things so I feel fresh and new when I start on the new gig. Plus, I could use some new boots. And other things. Whilst browsing all kinds of places via web...it's like window shopping ahead of time so I know what to look for when I get to the shops...I came across these very very Valentino sandals. They're studded jellies from Forever 21...they do come in black, but as soon as I saw them in nude, I thought they're a great dupe for the Valentino slippers they've been doing lately. So cute. Love these. I need winter clothes...but if I see them at Forever, I am definitely grabbing these. And they're like $20!♡

more thursday shoe ♥ it's in the eyes

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