SORRY SORRY SORRY....this is so late. But today was really scary because this morning we thought my dog had escaped and was long gone. :( Needless to say I was a WRECK! But thank goodness she's smart and I just had a hunch to go look at the front door and there she was...confused and tired. Very scary. So I had to get out and get into the hippy land town nearby and get some TLC. 

But here's another really amazing little bit you can maybe perhaps pick up after after after Xmas unless you're near one of the Ladurée shops in the world, then you can go pick it up tomorrow! It's a LADUREE KEYCHAIN with a tower of macarons and an Eiffel Tower....see the picks below...go to this link and go through the gift collection (genius) and then there is a little thing on the bottom that tells you what shops near you carry these things. xxx♡

more friday fancy ♥ mcqueen tribute


Jessi said...

Omigosh, these are too cute!! I wouldn't mind getting that for Christmas! I'm glad your dog was fine, I would be such a mess if that happened to me :(

montronix said...

wow...you are so fast, girl! i just posted that! :)

thank you so much. i was a total crazy basket case looking for her. she is small and adorable and i love her and i couldn't believe she was gone. i am so so so so lucky i opened the door and found her in her candy striped sweater sleeping on the front porch.

thank you so much. i hope you get one of those keychains...at least in the new year if not for xmas. happy holiday wishes and thank you for reading...! xxx