I am so excited to find this site. I'm terribly picky with my sunglasses and I don't like to spend loads and loads because they always tend to fall or get crushed or get lost or scratched...no matter how fancy they are. I do have an extensive collection of vintage gems including one very pimp-y pair by Courrèges and some newer, very fashion editor Chanel ones. But my faves tend to be the cheap knock offs I find because I can buy a couple and I won't have a heart attack if they fall on the street. This site has a couple of pairs I have been aching for. Three to be exact. One is a copy of a Giles for Cutler and Gross pair that came out a while ago...it doesn't come in the pink shade I love, but I'll settle for the black. It's a sort of modern cat eye style. The second is a giant 60s round! This, for me, is the ultimate fashion editor/creator pair and looks good no matter what age you are. They come in black and tortoise shell, which are both fantastic. The third are the over-sized Wayfarer ones that everyone loves. But this site has so many other styles that a lot of you will want. It's normally pretty easy to find these in Downtown LA in the alley...if you have time to go down there and park and walk around. But this way I can just pick a couple. These would also make an awesome cheap gift for someone stylee. They come from here (Retro City Sunglasses) and they only cost around $11! (They have normal sized glasses, too. I just like my sunglasses LARGE.)♡

this looks like a screen capture from the sims!

love these!

the pink giles for cutler and gross pair that i love. but i'll take the black until i get these. :)

more tuesday tailor ♥ delfina delettrez

images from retrocitysunglasses.com

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