So like I mentioned in previous post, I landed a really awesome gig that I don't know too much about yet until I get to the agency...and I'll find out what I can tell and post a teeny bit soon...but next month I'm headed to some cooollllld places and I realize all my coooolllld shoes are in storage. Good excuse to shop for new boots and other things. I have Sorels. I've had them for like my entire life because I worked at a specialty ski shop for 4 years. It was my first job. I think they're kids actually because they were even cheaper. But ya know what? I have never really worn them other than when I've been skiing or snowboarding. I have lived in snow. I lived in it as a kid for about 3 or 4 years and I lived in it when I was in New York. And when I was in Portland, we had some crazy snow, too. Everyone thinks of me as a beach bunny, which I am, but I do know the snow. I just need some cute/rubber-soled things that feel comfy and keep my socks dry and still feel cute. And if they get trashed it won't matter as long as they're cheap.

MOU GOATSKIN GOAT HAIR SNOW BOOTS FROM NET-A-PORTER $560 (I have a vintage pair that has a rubber wedge heel like these snowman shoes.)

I really do like these MARC BY MARC JACOBS SNOW BOOTIE...they're on sale, too. But alas...my size is long gone.
LOVE these MARC JACOBS RUBBER PLATFORM WEDGE BOOT...they're 70% off of $1000. Looks like they still have my size! Maybe these. Sorry about the line in the middle. They're two screenshots.

These are the FAUX FUR BOOTIES from FOREVER21...they have a rubber sole and they're cheap. less than $40. But I am not a brown person normally. But they're probably do the trick and I wouldn't cry if they got ruined.
I know these aren't snow boots. But I like these. I think these could be good. It's not like I'm going to be outside working in the snow. I love the green faux leather. These are the LEATHERETTE BOOTS FROM FOREVER21. They're also less than $40. And I think they'd look even better a little dinged up. 

I'll keep looking. I have a little less than two weeks. Happy New Year!!♡

more saturday shopping ♥ dolls and roses

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