If you want to give something to someone who has everything but you don't know what to get them AND you don't want to spend a thousand dollars, there are things that people fail to think about because they're almost too obvious. They're those gifts that everyone would want for themselves, but not everyone remembers these items when it comes to shopping. I love shopping during Christmas time, but not really for the shopping because I feel like there's a bunch of crap mixed in with a few good items and the loud music and stuff drives me nuts. But I love putting a cute coat on and getting  drink during the day with friends and seeing all the Christmas decorations. And of course the energy is mostly good. But back to the quick, chic, awesome and affordable gift to give someone who might not already have it. It's a Chanel Eyelash Curler...you're saying....really? Yes, really. It's really nice, in black with the Chanel logo name on the top. It comes with refills and it's something they'll use every day and love every day. And it's only $34! And I'm sure if you buy it at a nice department store, it'll be gift wrapped like you went to Paris. I plan on picking up one or two of these myself because I know a lot of people would want one, but maybe they already have an eyelash curler or they can't justify spending over $20 on one. But for a gift, $34 is really affordable. Plus you can also order it online from Chanel, too. But I think I'd like to go pick it up and see the packaging. Cheers. PS I have this on my own wishlist. :) CHANEL RECOURBE CILS DE CHANEL PRECISION EYELASH CURLER is also available here.♡

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