I was trying to think what to write about today. And I thought something that might be good is to make a suggestion for a men's gift. Especially for the special man in your life or your dad or whatever. One of my favorite things I ever gave one of my boyfriends was a gorgeous Georg Jensen money clip. I learned about Georg Jensen when I was in college from a roommate that was fancy and Scandy. He was a big fan of the Jensen pieces, including cuff links (also a good idea...esp if they are vintage). Years later,  a girlfriend phoned me frantically saying she had no idea what to get her new boyfriend and I mentioned the money clip. She asked if I had time to run over to Tiffany's and check them out (because I lived near one). I did. And they had such a great selection that I picked a cool one up for her that cost something like 50 or 75 dollars...only! So here are some suggestions...because I think it's way way more chic for a man to carry his cash in a money clip in one pocket and keep his cards in a sleek/thin card holder in the other pocket. I don't think bulky wallets are sexy at all. :) The below clips are affordable...but you can spend a ton if you want. I think i bought one for a special boyfriend for $400 once. It's man jewelry after all. And PS...you can also hit up your local vintage shop or antique mall and find an old one, too.♡

5076 GEORG JENSEN MONEY CLIP ONLY $50 available on georgjensen.com

5068 GEORG JENSEN MONEY CLIP $45 available on georgjensen.com

HEART GEORG JENSEN MONEY CLIP $325 (This sort of looks like the one i bought for my ex a long time ago...it's like a secret heart because you can't tell it's a heart when it has money in it. available here. )

TIFFANY'S 1837 MONEY CLIP $225 available here.

RETURN TO TIFFANY MONEY CLIP $170 (I love this one. available here.)

ELSA PERETTI BEAN CLIP $195. (I didn't even know they had this. I think it's hilarious because girls get the bean pendants and I guess the boys get the bean clips. :) available here.)

more saturday shopping ♥ last minute xmas

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