So recently I had an awesome guest post by AMY DAVIS...and like I used to do, I went through every detail she listed for the outfits. But after seeing the drawing, I had to look up the actual pink spiky heel Trixxie is wearing in the uptown look...the one by MAX KIBARDIN. I had never really heard about him. Though I think I did something on one of his shoes on here. The pink spiky shoes look just like what Amy drew! They are insane! And all of his other shoes from the latest collection are pretty amazing. To top it off, he's adorable. I love all these new shoe designers like Kibardin and Jerome C. Rousseau. Have a look at the collection of Max Kibardin shoes (including the ones Amy drew!). ♡

those are intense rockstar shoes. or rockstar girlfriend shoes. :)

see the lips/mouth?

this isn't something i would wear...i don't wear caramel leather stiletto boots...but this is such a gorgeous boot.

another snapshot image i found on google. this is a great shot because you can really see the shoe like it's in front of you. it is amazing.

more thursday shoe ♥ tila march

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