I meant to do a post on the Fiat 500...because for the past week, I've been driving a brand new yellow one and...I love it! I am planning to buy one just as soon as I figure out what my next move is. There was some sort of promotion with the dealer and the car rental (Enterprise), and the dude was like, "You can have that car...or that yellow Fiat." To which I replied, "What? I can have those boring cars...or that Fiat???" And so I drove off in the yellow gem. I didn't think I was going to like the yellow color...but I do. And I didn't know I'd love the car so much. In my past, I've had fun cars...Jeeps and MG Midgets and Beamers. But I really and truly loved this little Fiat 500 and had to answer to a gazillion people about the car every time I parked or went to a Starbucks or whatever, because it attracted so much attention (again, genius cross promotion with the dealer and the car rental). And then I noticed this brand new video created by that crazy Purple magazine guy about the Gucci Fiat 500 (which I had been looking at the other night online with my mother). I really liked this film. It was actually interesting. And I don't think it overly pushed the car. And now I'm thinking....do I want a little yellow one or do I want the black Gucci one? (I did a post on the Gucci Fiat a long time ago.) Hmmmm. Decisions, decisions. ;)♡

Here is the car I have been driving for a week. So sad when I turned it in. :(

it's like a tiny bus...or an m&m. 

i absolutely loved loved loved the dashboard and everything about the inside.
it's like a little mouse car.

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