Do people talk about Square Pegs ever? It was a short-lived show. I can hardly remember it. But being so little, I did love it. To me, aside from the hype that Sarah Jessica Parker was in it, it's so so so so the epitome of 80s. Even the opening credits, which I could not find because apparently the copyright on that is so major, they don't have too many episodes online. It's the part of the popular Valley Girl (do you all know that song by Frank Zappa featuring the voice of Moon Zappa?) played by a very famous Ricky Nelson's daughter. I found the pilot...the opening credits aren't the same as the real show's opening credits, but close. I guess I've been in this mood of watching old stereotype American high school stuff because the novel I have coming out is a centered around high school. More info soon. 

Okay...below is the "performance" of Valley Girl on Solid Gold...the fashion is amazing on these dancers!

the new wave kid/geek on the show has a rat tail! that was a major thing kids did or teens did back then. even the 20-somethings! that's why i included this photo.

Happy Sunday!♡

more sunday matinee ♥ mcqueen show backstage

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