I have been searching high and low for some great, awesome, gorgeous I-love-love-love dog collar and name tag ever since I got my little girl Lotte eight months ago. Though she was only two pounds then and now she's just under seven. It's a strange market. It's a market I might go into because there is a lot of cute stuff, or some cute stuff, and then there's a load of junk. And over-priced junk at that. I don't have a clue how I found it (and I was a little late on the train as these came out last year?), but I stumbled upon something about Moschino launching some limited edition pet pieces for charity with yoox.com...MOSCHINO PETS. To my amazement, not only were they still on the site BUT THEY WERE ON SALE. Still a bit pricey. But it's a dog. It's not like she'll grow out of a collar or something. Much better to invest in a couple super lovely pieces rather than buy a bunch of junky ones that get dirty and wear down. It was so hard to decide, but I finally chose the collar with the gold hearts and the "gold" heart name tag to go with it (it also says Moschino on one side of the tag). But I love the white resin bone "bow tie" and the red heart dog tag, too. I also really would love the matching heart leash. But I can't tell if it's for a bigger dog (small dogs, in case you did not know, can't have some big heavy leash hanging from their necks). But I'm going to keep eyeballing them until they go lower on sale and then hopefully I can get the heart leash as well as the bow/bone tie set, too. With the red heart. Oi vey. :) She deserves it, though. (I will add photos of said lovely baby dog Lotte as soon as the order arrives!) OOPS...I just checked and I can't find the dog tags! I can't believe they'd all be gone in one day after I looked at them for a week...?♡

this is the one i ordered for Lotte

i want this leash but i want it to go down in price.

i ordered the gold (brass) heart dog tag (that i will have engraved)...but i don't see them online anymore. i wonder if the packer decided to buy them all because they were so cheap? i wonder.

i would love to get this collar, too. my dog looks like she's wearing a le smoking suit and this would be a cute bow tie :) but i think this would be so cute with the red heart tag! :(

and of course the matching leash.

this was Lotte when i first got her. the girl i got her from is holding her for me. she was so so cute!
this is my sweet Lotte now. :)

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