I am so sorry. I have been dealing with a lot of stuff good and just stuff I have to take care of. A really great article came out today...I was interviewed for VICE. I'll do a post on it tomorrow. I am too tired right now. I need to get off this computer! :) 

Okay...so I would love it if I was on vacation somewhere amazing right now, sitting on a balcony sipping my favorite champagne or whatever and wearing this lingerie by Dolce and Gabbana. I love these. Like if your hair is simple and your face is clean and you have some neutral or red nail polish on and you have a fresh tan. Yes. I love this set. This is why I never look at lingerie on Net-a-porter. It's torture. I want everything. Pretty much. :)♡

i love this bra. it's only $510 :/
stretch-silk high-waisted panties. LOVE. only $430 a pair (that means one). :/
Ohhh I love this robe so much. This is the kind of thing I look for when I am vintage shopping. Something very rockstar girlfriend/old Hollywood thing. It's $1250. Only. :)

Voila! Me on my break from doing "stuff' every day and celebrating the cool article and reviews of my novel. I can dream about the outfit and the break and the champagne. :)


more thursday stuff ♥ louboutin duvette

images from net-a-porter


Sanne said...

This is why I make a point of rarely ever going to Net-a-Portier :)
This is sooo glamorous!

montronix said...

totally! i want a boyfriend who spends $2000 on a lingerie set for me! :) thanks for reading! xmt