I really like this shoot for (methinks) the September issue of Italian Vogue. This is a  story of badasses. I love the kitchen. And I love the androgyny. These do look like girls in New York, maybe on a cold rainy/snowy day when they really haven't been able to get out as much because of the crappy weather. When you live in a place like New York, it can get really depressing in the winter, too, just like any other town where you have to stay inside (even worse in New York if you have a tiny apartment like most people do there). I like it. The fashion story. If I was 10 feet tall and was skinny as hell, I could look like that, too. ;) This for me is a modern rocker (as in Heavy Metal rocker) girl story. I like it.

Shot by Steven Meisel. Hair Jimmy Paul for Bumble and Bumble. Make-up Pat McGrath (of course!). Fashion editor Karl Templer. Set design by Mary Howard.♡

this is such a modern version of an 80s rocker girl look. i love it. there are those hot versace boots i just wrote about here!

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images from italian vogue

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