With the trend on the catwalks following Miuccia Prada's lead from last season, everything has gone 1920s/1930s flapper fashion. I hope and pray this takes off and we also see this in fast fashion like TopShop and Forever 21, etc. Would be amazing to be able to buy gorgeous beaded drop-waist dresses again. So I thought it appropriate to view some actual fashion from the era so you/we can really see how much influence everyone has taken from them.

I own a couple of pieces that I adore and one pair of shoes that I'll shoot and post up here when I get a chance. They were real finds, and I snatched them as soon as I saw them. The shoes I've had forever. At first I thought they were 70s, but they don't look like anything else I've ever seen. After much research, I realized they're from the 30s. They're just amazing. I also have the most amazing coat and a gorgeous embroidered robe that is probably one of my all-time favorite vintage pieces. 

Below is a video with some amazing fashion footage from one of the first films that introduced flappers. It's called THE FLAMING YOUTH from 1928. There's some commentary, but once you get through it you will find the most amazing scenes. Keep in mind that in this era of film, it was all black and white, so there was a ton of texture going on...shiny things and fluffy things. I can't imagine what they looked like in color! Amazing!

And also as a bonus, this is 1920s GORGEOUS makeup (like the stuff BIBA does) taken from Helena Rubinstein's site. Rubinstein was a major cosmetics company from the get-go.It's amazing how this makeup looks so gorgeous, even today.♡

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