I continue to be thoroughly impressed by the impeccable branding of ILLAMASQUA. It's the new kid on the block and it's clearly going to take over. I think when MAC started blowing up (I have no idea when they first landed, but I do remember how huge MAC was in the 90s), they had sort of the same bad-boy image...the same fresh, new outlook on make up as Illamasqua does now. But MAC seems so passé now...even though they do have good product and a great selection of colors. I think their packaging is still very....90s....as is its branding. This video for the Illamasqua Freak Masquerade Ball (during Halloween in London) is also a great look at what their mission is. The brand is only three years old! They also show (at the end) the launch of counters in a couple of department stores (going to be a mad house once it goes to New York). I don't own anything from them yet as I would want to go to a counter and be assisted by one of their makeup freaks. I can't wait to check them out.♡

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