If you love glamour, vintage fashion, hair and makeup, have some free time on a rainy day to get your study on, then maybe check out COVER GIRL from 1944 starring the amazing Rita Hayworth and Gene Kelly, as well as Eve Arden (who also played the principal in the movie GREASE!). This film is so jam packed with fashion from the 40s, which isn't usually my favorite. But in this case, I can't get enough of it. The story is kind of predictable, but it's a good watch if you love models and magazines. I don't know what else to say other than that. Plus, it's Gene Kelly (gorgeous and gorgeous mens fashion) and Rita who is hotter than hot. The costumes are credited to Travis Banton, Muriel King and Gwen Wakeling, and the sets are credited to Fay Babcock. These films are an education, whether you are into art direction, fashion or even just love vintage. I wish I had my 40s dresses with me. Even though I don't wear 40s, I love the range of evening/cocktail pieces. In any case, this is a great rainy day movie.♡

look at the bum on these costumes!
the "models' arrive for auditions. check out that lamp. this has so much good 40s fashion. if you're into that.
look at that hat, the jewelry, the lighter, the dress suit. too good. this shot looks like it's a staged for a still. but it's not.
the sets are gorrrrgeous.
beautifying the star, hot rita hayworth
love love that cognac color. i have some vintage pieces in this color.
40s glamour to a tee.
this outfit is insane. INSANE.

more sunday matinee ♥ pee-wee and grace jones

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