There's a load of awesome legwear out this winter season. Even more options than there normally seems to be. And I know lots of the high street/fast fashion brands also carry cute varieties. But I thought I'd feature a couple of special pieces.

First is the YSL HEART TIGHTS that actually look a lot like some of his old prints...and not hearts at all. I'm not sure how madly in love with them I am. But it doesn't hurt that they are YSL. $95

you really have to wear these as the focal point and make the rest of your outfits calmer. the outfit they have on net-a-porter is ATROCIOUS! i'm not kidding.

The other bit are those amazing over-the-knee MIU MIU METALLIC RIBBED SOCKS that were in the winter show. I think the close-up image isn't a very good one. You can't see the metallic threads very much at all. But I would bet that in person they look perfect. $185.♡

this is a terrible photo. you can barely see the metallic threads. it's like they didn't spend a lot of time because after all...they're just socks.

more thursday shoe ♥ gaultier socks

images from net-a-porter.com

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