A long time ago now that I think about it, I did a post on a Scandy company called MONKI. I LOVE pretty much everything those Scandies do...but I esp love their fashion sense. Since then, I think Monki has opened shops in London and some other places, and they don't seem so out there in the boons anymore. I just saw a post about their new magazine issue and it looks lovely. It even comes with a two-sided poster! These are the kinds of things that make me wish I was 16 again. This is the way magazines should be made for young girls. Creatively and gorgeously. Not just show a bunch of elite fashion. THIS is a perfect example of an awesome branded publication! (I mean, compare this to the one Forever 21 did a while back. And, don't get me wrong...I LOVE F21.)You can check out more Monki here. PS...I think this is the brand new issue...but I'm just about to do a post on the last issue, THE SPOOKY ISSUE, which obviously had to do with Halloween. But the issue was gorgeous.)♡

love pictures of sweets!

love love this artist and the poster!

more tuesday tailor ♥ eley kishimoto winter

images from thepetfanclub.com

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