I had never seen this Edie Sedgewick/Andy Warhol/Factory shoot before. It's from Vogue Korea 2008 and features models Kim Min-hee and Lee Soo-hyuk (who apparently were a couple?). This shoot is amazing. I can't imagine all the work that went into it. All the work that went into the makeup and props and painting the silver factory. It is genius. Then it got me to browsing through other Vogue Korea fashion shoots and they were equally amazing. All the credits are below. You can see some documentary footage if you're unfamiliar with the Warhol Silver Factory here. I have been obsessed by Warhol since I was a teen. Maybe this shoot will explain why...

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Update...it's out but the links are the same above!♡

Kim Min-hee, Lee Soo-hyuk Vogue Korea August 2008
Editors: Son Eun-young, Kim Ji-soo, Lee Hee-jung
Photographer: Lee Gun-ho
Set Stylist: Lee Hyun-min
Hair: Kim Jung-han
Hair & Makeup: Won Jo-yeon

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