I know it's Tuesday and I'm supposed to do a Tuesday Tailor post, but I wasn't really inspired to do anything on any designers today. Even though they just posted up an interview with Marc Jacobs about the new DOT fragrance....the interviewer (albeit a respected fashion journalist) was just kind of BORING. So I thought I'd share one of my new obsessions...this YouTube beauty blogger that goes by the tag of BBNERDFUL18. I don't know if she's doing any new videos...seems like she hasn't posted a new video in months. But she has amazing tours of amazing beauty shops in Korea with amazingly fun brands like the magical/witchy/bewitching HOLIKA HOLIKA, where all the packaging is "magical" and all the girls in the shop wear black...I LOVE IT! WHY DON'T WE HAVE ANY FUN SHOPS LIKE THIS IN THE STATES??? THAT ALSO CARRY GOOD FUN AMAZING PRODUCT! Anyone into makeup and foreign brands knows that the Asians love them some good working product that brings on results. I feel they're so much more advanced than a lot of the world...for them BB creams are like so the norm when the West side is newly discovering them. But, even so, they aren't really putting out the real deal...they're more or less just labeling mediocre tinted moisturizers as BB creams. When...a tinted moisturizer labeled a BB cream is not.

The video is pretty raw and the YouTuber is pretty funny and just herself, which I also love. I'll post her other video on one of my other favorite Korean beauty brands soon. I just want to take a trip to Korea JUST to go to all these beauty shops!♡

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