Have I posted this before? It's an interview with one of the best female rockers, Wendy O Williams...she has the most amazing body and energy. Her band was called The Plasmatics. This is hilarious because it's from the 80s on a talk show with Sally Jesse Raphael, who was pretty big back then. Not sure if this ever went up, but if you read my blog then you know I have a novel (ARCADIA) out that's Heavy Metal. So of course I love Wendy O Williams (esp her duet with Lemmy from Motorhead!). Sadly, she took her own life. I think she was too sensitive to everything, to aware of everything, and I think she was too intelligent to handle life and aging. Anyway, if I already posted this in the past, then forgive me. But I feel I need to post it again. Just because...because Wendy was the ultimate badass.♡

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