Amazing that recently it has been realized that a bra (and some other lingerie) did in fact exist...in the Middle Ages! If you follow fashion history, then you would know that everyone thought that the bra came after the corsets...which makes is sort of a modern invention. Not so. Four linen bras that look very much like the current style women wear today were found in an Austrian castle and date back to the...1400's!!! That is amazing that they even exist! They had to have been locked up tightly in a thick cedar chest or something! I guess one of the bras even had little decorations of lace and beading on it! Amazing! These pieces were found in 2008, but had to undergo carbon dating which ended up saying they are 600 years old! Since the 1600's, women wore corsets until the bra was "discovered" by a New York socialite named Mary Phelps Jacob. You can read more about them all here including how they also found a couple thousand pieces of textiles and other clothing, including what they think to be a pair of men's underwear...because the historians say that women didn't wear panties back then! :) Read more here.♡

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