As promised, here is a Makeup Monday post. Though it will be brief. I am just super tired and I have some kind of ear infection that makes me feel really more tired and sick. But I hope and pray I will feel myself tomorrow. I have some really amazing stuff to share on the higher end, but for now, let's do another quick little cheap and cheery review. 

Today I went over to CVS (love) to see if I could get some sinus meds plus I always check out the new drugstore bits. Especially in the Wet N Wild dept. I have never seen this before OR I have bought it before and it wasn't THIS product. It's their MEGA EYES DEFINING MARKER. I bought it in brown. I've been buying a few marker liners or pen liners recently and most don't have a stiff enough tip to warrant any excitement. I thought I would have to spend a lot more and get some Dolly Wink stuff or other things. Until I saw this and decided for like 3 bucks, it would be a good thing to try. And I was right. I don't use these markers for my brows normally (that I've been growing out), nor do I use liquid liner very often. I have pretty large light eyes and if I put too much makeup on them during the day, it looks WAY OVER DONE. But this marker is really an amazing investment (if it doesn't dry out in a day or a week). The color of the brown was warm and easy to work with. And I drew a line on the back of my eyelids with a little wing in a few seconds. SCORE! 

Check it out. If you don't live in the States, you might be able to order it online. But you guys probably have some amazing products we can't get here in the US. 

See you guys tomorrow. With more news and a trailer for the novel. Today I was just too tired to really make a big deal about it. All I could do was make a margarita and put my feet up for a while. :)♡

more makeup monday ♥ shu uemura

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