In honor of the Olympics launching today, I thought I'd try to find some really good athletic or Olympic fashion shoot. I tried to find something from the 80s, but it was taking too long. I nearly gave up until I came across this gem from Marie Claire Italy from March, methinks, titled "Black Gym". It features model Ranya Mordanova who is styled amazingly by Ivana Spernicelli (what talent!) and photographed by David Slijper. Now, when I was a magazine editor (for Oyster and also worked for Dazed and Tokion and others for a long time), these are the kinds of editorials I looked for. Or, rather, the kind of stylists and stories I LOVED. This is so original looking. Even the cover looks fresh. Let the games begin!

I was actually trying to find this shoot by Arthur Elgort...I'll still look for it. Looks amazing and very Olympic-ish...♡

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