I don't know if I'm totally an Eley Kishimoto girl. But I do love a lot of their pieces, maybe not put all together like they style their lookbooks. But definitely love a ton of their stuff. Below are some pieces from their current TOY TOWN EDEN HIGH SUMMER 2012 collection. I wanted to cover some of the couture shows, but I'm not in love with any of them. I liked what Raf did at Dior. But I didn't like a lot of the outfits with the trousers under the doll dresses. I liked the Versace Atelier show as a tribute to Gianni, but it's not very moi. I thought Chanel looked like everyone was wearing their grandmother's Chanel suits, which could be fine...but there was absolutely no sex appeal. And maybe one other show was cheap looking and another one was too dowdy. Damn, I always find something to like. So not like me to not LOVE the shows. Well, I did like a couple but not enough to do a post. So here is the Eley Kishimoto stuff which might be more interesting since everyone has probably seen the couture shows by now.♡

chambray striped harbor dress
unisex flash anorak (very very expensive. but i love it).
wonder border trim vest...why do the brits call this a vest? it's a tank top.
toy town angel top
multi strip over-the-knee socks....love these colors. i love ek socks.

giant flash bag. love it.
giant flash unisex tee...back

giant flash unisex tee front
snake placement 3-seam top

more tuesday tailor ♥ orla kiely

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