When I was still in elementary school, one of my favorite models and biggest role models was super model YASMIN LE BON (wow...how many times can I say the word model in one sentence!). (Her maiden name is Parvaneh, which means butterfly in Persian.) Not only was she gorgeous and part of the super models that reigned back then, but she was Persian and dating Simon Le Bon (from Duran Duran). My family was obsessed with fashion and models...I think to some extent they still are. We loved most of the models, but we especially loved her because she represented US. When was the last time you heard of a Persian super model? Or a regular Persian model on the catwalks in Paris? Even though there are some gorgeous Persian girls out there. She is the epitome of class and beauty. One hot lady. And she aged amazingly. See her photos below and see why I loved her so much as a young girl and teen!♡

i think she's older here, but look how gorgeous she is!

so hot in that french cut bottom!

more girl friday ♥ the belle stars

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